A J.J. Abrams Superman Script Leaks Online

JJ Abrams Star Wars Disney Announcement

This must be the week for leaked Superman scripts to be posted online. Yesterday, we reported on a new copy of the Superman Lives script surfacing online. Now, Superman Homepage has posted a new version of a Superman Flyby script.

Neither Superman Lives or Superman Flyby actually got made. The Superman Lives script was written by Wesley Strick, and the Superman Flyby script was written by none other than J.J. Abrams. Just imagine if Superman Flyby had actually gotten made, then J.J. Abrams would have had ties to three of the biggest science fiction/comic franchises in history. Of course, that's assuming that after Superman Flyby that he would still have gotten the opportunities for Star Trek and Star Wars.

Superman Homepage has the full script posted to their website. They note that this is not the same as a draft that has previously been available online, but it is a newer draft specifically titled "Flyby" which is dated October 24, 2003. In addition to Superman, the script features the Kryptonian villain named Ty-Zor.

With all these Superman scripts showing up online, Warner Bros. better make sure that all copies of the Man of Steel script are under lock and key. Man of Steel is set to arrive in movie theaters on June 14, 2013.