Another Method to Find Pokemon in Pokemon Go Without the Nearby Tracker

pokemon go ingress

(Photo: Niantic)

By now, most players have learned how to cope with the "three step bug", the Pokemon Go bug that prevents the game's nearby tracker from working properly. If you're tired of searching fruitlessly using the broken tracker and don't want to use the Pokevisio, there's another way to locate nearby Pokemon in the game.

Pokemon Go uses the same map data as Ingress, another game developed by Niantic Labs. Instead of catching Pokemon, players travel around their city to collect XM, a substance players collect to use items and take portals (the Ingress equivalent to Pokemon Gyms). Since Ingress and Pokemon Go use the same data, XM in Ingress tends to spawn in the exact same spots that Pokemon do in Pokemon Go.

Unlike Pokemon in Pokemon Go, you can see XM on Ingress's map at any time. So, if you want to know where Pokemon are nearby, just install Ingress on your smart phone and look for a cluster of XM dots (the glowing white dots scattered around the map) nearby. Once you get near that cluster, switch to Pokemon Go and see if any Pokemon pop up.


Like most Pokemon Go "cheats", using Ingress to track Pokemon isn't 100% guaranteed to work. But it's a safer method than using Pokevision (which frequently crashes) or another workaround that could get your account banned. Hopefully, Pokemon Go will fix its tracking system soon, so players won't need to find alternative ways to track down Pokemon.