Arrow: Grant Gustin Wins Fan Approval As Barry Allen

Arrow The Scien

When Grant Gustin was cast as Barry Allen, there was a lot of fan concern that he was too young and too skinny to play the Flash. However, most fans seemed to be of the opinion they would reserve judgment until they actually saw his performance on Arrow.

So what did fans think of Grant Gustin’s first run as Barry Allen on “The Scientist” episode of Arrow? If Twitter is any indication, Gustin appears to have quelled any concerns. The fan feedback on Twitter is overwhelming positive. Gustin is winning rave reviews for his Barry Allen performance.

Grant Gustin is described as “surprisingly endearing,” “simply incredible,” "brilliant," "perfect," and "amazing." There were literally hundreds if not thousands of tweets all basically saying the same thing. We literally could not find a negative tweet about his performance. It looks like Gustin scored a homerun. Here is a sampling of some of the tweets.