Arrow's Stephen Amell Confirms Stuff With The WWE

Over the past several months, Arrow star Stephen Amell and WWE wrestler Stardust have been developing an entertaining feud. So far, it has been mostly kept to them taunting each other online. Although they did have one face-to-face jawing session on Monday Night Raw

During a question and answer session at Comic-Con, Amell was asked if he was going to wrestle Stardust at Summer Slam. "I'm not not gonna wrestle Stardust at Summer Slam," Amell replied. "I know that double negatives in the English language are a no-no."

He added, "I'm probably gonna do some stuff with the WWE. I don't know if that means a wrestling match. We'll see."

Listen to Stephen Amell's comments starting at the 8:33:52 mark in the video below.


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