Artist Remakes the World of Pokemon with Unreal 4 Engine

A dedicated fan has painstakingly recreated the world of Pokemon using the Unreal 4 Engine. Preston Dunegan posted a video earlier this week showing off his model of Kanto, the region millions of Pokemon trainers explored in the world of Pokemon Red/Blue. The model contains countless details from the original Pokemon game, including the Celadon Game Center, the SS Anne, and the terrifying Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town. Dunegan's recreated map even includes the infamous truck in Vermillion City (the only car found in Pokemon Red/Blue) where Mew was supposedly said to be hiding if players looked underneath it.

According to the video, Dunegan created the model by counting every single step in Kanto from the original game. The model took him over 7 months and 600 hours to complete.

Kanto is based on the actual Kanto region of Japan, with locations in the game corresponding to real world locations. Celadon City and Saffron City are both based on the Japanese capital Tokyo, while Vermillion City is based on Yokohama, the biggest port in Japan. Kanto has appeared in the most Pokemon games to date, having appeared in 10 different editions so far. Fans will be able to explore Kanto once again next month, when Nintendo re-releases Pokemon Red and Blue on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console on February 27.

(via Kotaku)