Ash vs Evil Dead Recap with Spoilers: The Dark One

(Photo: Starz)

The season finale starts with Kelly trying desperately to pull the book's face off of Pablo's face. Ash is struck by the reveal from the end of last week's episode, that Ruby wrote the book. Now that she has it back, she plans to unleash everything within it. Amand-Deadite comes on in, and grabs Ash's chainsaw, attacking him.

It's total chaos. Kelly gets knocked out by Ruby, Pablo is being possessed by the book's face, and Ash is not doing well against Amanda. He finally gets the chainsaw back, mounts it to his hand, and uses it to slice her in halffrom the stomach up. Oh, that poor hiker, now covered in Deadite blood. Pablo and Ruby are missing, and the cellar door is open. "Oh crap," Ash says.

The classic "evil approaching through the woods" shot is shown.

"Ruby has my book and has my Pablo, and I'm not losing anyone else I care about," Ash says. The Necronomicon was written by the "Dark Ones" so "that's what we're dealing with," he explains. "Kelly, other girl, make sure this door stays open," he says, asking them to stay there. Kelly's not having it. "That's my Pablo, too," she says, and insists she's coming with.

Wow, Ash is actually a little scared of what he hears downstairs. The approaching evil gets there and shakes the cabin, sending Ash falling into the cellar, the door slamming shut behind him with Kelly on the outside.

As Ash falls, he seems to also kind of fall through time and space. He lands in his trailer, with his wooden hand, to the point when he read from the book, re-awakening the evil. He still has all his memories, though. "You think this could all just be a dream then? Reading from the book, chopping people up?"

Suddenly, the girl is gone, and Ruby sits across from him. "One day, long ago, you appeared in my book, El Jefe. I knew you were the one destined to stand against me. But the end of your story is not yet written," she says. "I just want things to go back to the way they were when the Dark Ones ruled over the evil forces on Earth," she insists, saying she doesn't want Ash and his friends to die, she just wants to rule over the evil and bring order to the world.

"So you want to rule over all the evil like the Godfather?" "Exactly." "Well, I hated that movie, too long and boring and not enough boobies."

Just had to transcribe that part because it was so funny. Ruby asks what Ash's price is. He starts listing off his dream life, and she holds up a postcard of Jacksonville. "Take it, i can give you all of that." She wants a truce: he gets to go back to his life, she gets to rule the Evil.

He rejects the offer, and she ain't happy. He falls back through time, and back down the stairs again, landing at the bottom of the cellar like he thought he would. Kelly and other girl can't get the door open, plus it looks like his chainsaw might be on the fritz.

Things are terrifying downstairs. Pablo is screaming in pain, trying to fight the book's face.

Upstairs, Kelly, frustrated, starts shooting the cellar door. It doesn't do much, aside from splattering blood around. She tosses the gun away and starts chopping at the door with an axe. Other Girl is suddenly covered in bugs, crawling all over her... except that's not actually happening. Kelly slaps her and knocks some sense into her. "If we walk out now, there won't be a tomorrow," Kelly says. The cabin grows an eye, and Kelly chops it. The cellar door swings open, slamming Kelly toward the door, and the door swings open to shove her out of the cabin. Clearly, the Evil thinks Kelly presents a threat. Other Girl is trapped alone inside, screaming for Kelly.

Back downstairs, Ash explores the cellar, and has some flashback action to his last time trapped down there. Pablo is screaming for help. He doesn't want any part of what Ruby has planned. The book's face is speaking through Pablo, and Ruby's using it to write new pages, throwing other pages out. Pablo pukes up some kind of larva, and it's really horrifying - to him, too. It quickly grows, and something emerges from the cocoon, a humanoid. "Drachna Abomino," Ruby says to it. The demon child thing starts crawling up the wall and through the ground. "What the fuck was that?" Ash says, watching.

Upstairs, Kelly's trying to get in while Heather is inside getting tossed around by the Evil. It throws the couch at her, re-injuring her already busted leg. Nails start flying out of the walls and floor boards, impaling her. Things are not looking good for poor Heather. She's pulled into another room, screaming.

Outside, Kelly is still trying to get in. the doorknob turns into a mouth and bites her. The Cabin spits out Heather's corpse and lots and lots of blood all over Kelly. It shuts the doors and shutters. Heather's head talks to Kelly, saying, "Ash has failed. The world belongs to us now. Mankind is doomed. And as for your boyfriend Pablo," she says, laughing... and Kelly kicks the head and says "He's not my boyfriend."

Ash downstairs is getting creeped up on by the baby Evil while he's talking shit about Ruby. He counts to three, but doesn't shoot it for some reason. It leaps up at him, attacking. He throws it off and now it's scurrying around quickly. it bites him on the arm and starts to tear at him. Grabbing his shotgun again, Ash looks for it, but it manages to bite his leg first. He puts the shotgun right in the kid Evil's mouth. "Someone needs to wash your mouth out, kid. And that someone is me." Boom, and that's one problem solved.

Unfortunately, there's already another one running around outside, passing Kelly as she's pouring gasoline all over the cabin. She lights up a flare, and lights the cabin on fire.

Ash walks in on Ruby and Pablo's ritual. Ruby tries to attack, and Ash starts shooting. Three gut shots and she's on the ground. He approaches with the chainsaw.

Outside, the cabin's burning, and the doors and shutters open up. Another demon baby comes out of the cellar. Kelly opens it, grabs the axe, and starts to head down.

Ruby whispers some words to sick Pablo on Ash. He says, "I have no choice!" The book starts to speak through him. Ash says he doesn't want to fight or "lose anybody else." Ruby keeps whispering and forcing Pablo to attack. Please don't kill Pablo and Kelly please don't kill Pablo and Kelly please don't kill Pablo and Kelly.

Kelly comes downstairs. A flashlight runs toward her - it's one of the demon children. it screams at her and runs up the cellar stairs.

Ash and Pablo continue to fight. Pablo tells him to kill him. Ruby heals her shotgun wounds and starts to get up. The chainsaw runs out of gas, and Ruby is up. She tells Pablo to kill him again. Kelly busts in, knocking the shotgun out of Pablo's hands and starts fighting with him. Ruby finishes writing and closes the book. She grabs Ash by the throat and starts cutting his face with the ancient knife.

He grabs the knife out of her hand and starts slicing at her. Ruby says if he kills her, the book will kill Kelly, then kill Pablo. She offers him the deal again. "I don't want to destroy humanity, I want it to flourish. Without good, there can't be evil. I just want it under control." Ash is considering it, saying only if the two of them are with him. Kelly's not so sure this is a good idea. Ash says he's keeping the knife for "insurance" and agrees to the truce. "No, Ash, you have no idea what's out there," Pablo screams.

"Good fishing, that's what's out there," Ash says. They're heading to Jacksonville!

Pablo can't believe he did this, and neither can Kelly. "That evil's going to take over the world." An emergency alert airs on the radio, telling people to stay in their homes. Ash turns the radio alert off, and pops in some AC/DC into the tape player. He's smiling and laughing - he really thinks he won here. As he drives down the road, a huge hole opens in the ground behind him.

And that's season one. And that's why this was the best genre show on TV in 2015.