Assassin's Creed Running Time Revealed

While video game adaptations for the big screen haven't been the most successful, Justin Kurzel is looking to turn that trend around with his take on Assassin's Creed.

The film is based on the popular game franchise of the same name, and focuses on the exploits of a league of assassins over the course of many centuries.

With the elements of time travel, ancestry, and street chasing to be heavily involved in the film, one would think the final cut could be pretty lengthy.

Thanks to the folks over at Empire Cinemas, now we know exactly how long that will be.

According to Empire, Assassin's Creed will clock in at 140 minutes; 2 hours and 20 minutes.

This is definitely a long running time for a franchise that is unsure of its future. Not to say that the movie won't be a hit, but this is hoping to build a new franchise with its content.

(Photo: 20th Century Fox)

The movie defnitely has a lot of character and story building to do, but they are still unsure as to how big of an audience the film will draw. We're also unsure as to what kind of reviews Assassin's Creed will garner.


If the film is a hit, people will love the fact that it's almost two and a half hours long. If people don't like it, however, a run-time that long will seem to drag. Many people can sit through a movie they don't like for 90 minutes, but an extra hour will be pushing it.

This run-time means we are expecting a lot of information and action in the film, and it also speaks to the confidence of the filmmakers behind it. If they think a 2.5 hour movie is still exciting, that's a really good sign.