Aykroyd Talks Ghostbusters 3, While Fake Reports Of Bill Murray’s Return Surface

Ghostbusters 3

Have you been reading all those reports that Bill Murray is returning for Ghostbusters 3 from places like Hollywood.com and the National Enquirer? Well, it turns out that all of those reports seemed to have originated from a spoof news site that a lot of people didn’t realize reported on fake news.

Unfortunately, as far as we know, Bill Murray is still not a part of Ghostbusters 3. In fact, a recent interview in Esquire with Dan Aykroyd seems to confirm as much. Aykroyd said, “…we have a story and a draft that everybody seems to agree would make the third movie.”

However, that draft and story evidently does not include Bill Murray. As far as Bill Murray’s involvement, Aykroyd said, “Now we have to move on, but we'll always leave a hole for him. He's always there. He can always come back at any time and be rebuilt into it, as far as I'm concerned. That's up to his lawyer and the picture company to work out, but creatively, he will always be a part of it.”

Not only is Aykroyd hoping to get Ghostbusters 3 done, but he’s got plan for Ghostbusters 4 and beyond. Aykroyd eventually wants to see a Ghostbusters in Hell concept. Aykroyd said, “Man-hell-ttan, and the Ghostbusters in hell, would be so solid, but we gotta get maybe one or two made before that.”

One of the most interesting revelations is that Aykroyd confirmed rumors that if Bill Murray had signed on for Ghostbusters 3 that he would have been a ghost in the movie. Aykroyd said, “Because he said, ‘If I do this, I want to be dead, and I want to be a ghost.’ So I said, well, we'll build you in there. And had he said yes two years ago to the ghost concept, I'm telling you, we'd be making the movie this summer, and it would be massive.”