Back To The Future's Michael J. Fox & Christopher Lloyd Reunite In New Toyota Commercial

(Photo: Toyota)

The Back to the Future series has been getting a lot of press recently, thanks to us rapidly approaching the date that Marty McFly went to in "the future," October 21, 2015. Pepsi put out a limited edition bottle, theaters have done screenings, and much more. While we're pretty sure they're not announcing a flying car for personal use anytime soon, Toyota is having a bit of fun with the special date as well, reuniting stars Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox for a conversation in a diner about the predictions that Back to the Future Part II made, and how silly some of them turned out being.

Watch the pair make fun of fax machines, Fox joke about really needing those "self tying shoes," and more in this teaser video. A full short film of the conversation will debut October 21, 2015.