Batman to Be Rebooted, That Version Will Appear in Justice League

Following the conclusion of the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy with this summer's hit The Dark Knight Rises, a source tells Batman on Film that the character will be rebooted, and that even though the first new Batman movie won't come until after Justice League has already come and gone from the theaters, it's the rebooted version of Bruce Wayne who will appear in Justice League, currently being written by Gangster Squad scribe Will Beall.

"Said reboot will come after the JL film, not before," wrote Batman On Film. "Therefore, the new cinematic Batman will be introduced in the JL film as opposed to a solo film. This would, according to my industry 'FOBOF,' assure the new Batman film series will be part of a 'DC Cinematic Universe.'"

In other words, the film is being designed specifically to prevent another Christopher Nolan from coming in and inventing his own meta-story, continuity and the like and potentially stepping on the toes of a long-term franchise. That's a mindset that makes perfect sense, even if it's less likely to turn out a particularly memorable Batman franchise.

While it's been widely believed that Warner Brothers would reboot  the character rather than picking up threads from the Nolan trilogy to make the next batch of films, the positive fan and critical response to the way The Dark Knight Rises ended left some scratching their heads about the idea that the studio would throw away whatever potential that offered without considering their options. So far, in the numerous rumors that have started to circulate about the Justice League film, this is the only one that deals with characters and plot.

Justice League is rumored to be in theaters in 2015.