Batman V Superman Theory: Did We See Superman’s Fortress of Solitude?

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What would Superman be without a place to kick up his heels, take a break, and reflect on his previous adventures? Yes, the Fortress of Solitude is an essential part of the Superman mythos, acting home away from home for the Man of Steel located in the Antarctic. In his icy fortress, Clark houses mementos from past battles won and is, in a nutshell, his version of the Bat Cave. While Superman did travel to the Arctic in the previous movie, Man of Steel, and even encountered a robotic version of his father Jor-El, he had yet to create a new version of the Fortress of Solitude for a new generation of movie goers.

Cue the latest sneak peek into the world of the upcoming film Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. In the clip played during last night's mid-season finale of Fox's Gotham, Batman finds himself captured in an underground bunker, chained to the ceiling along with other folks looking quite out of sorts. Surrounded by heavily armed guards, Bruce witnesses Superman making landfall, looking pretty irritated as he strides toward Batman as if he were a movie monster. Walking right up to Wayne, Clark rips off his mask and the two give each other icy stares as the clip comes to an end. Is it possible that this new underground bunker/gulag in the desert is the new Fortress of Solitude?

There are certainly arguments to be made for this in fact being Superman's new pad, in so much as this is a different Clark Kent for a different generation. As we know, the Man of Steel has gone in a radically altered direction from his previous incarnations as a "Boy Scout as American as apple pie". What better way to demonstrate that this is a new Superman than flipping pieces of the mythos on its ear? By having a Fortress of Solitude that's the polar opposite, no pun intended, of the freezing homestead, it better reflects Superman's harsher character in the new DC Cinematic Universe.


Another reason behind creating a "Fortress of Desert Solitude" would be that, based on the first film, a cold, arctic location would be exactly where the government would be looking for Superman at this point. The army managed to come across the Kryptonian ship in the arctic, so this wouldn't exactly be the best place of Kal-El to hold out, regardless of its massive size. Better I would think to go the exact opposite route and create a place under the ground, in the heart of the desert, to throw folks off his trail. This is a Superman who was knocking satellites out of the sky to halt any surveillance the government may have running on him, so a more paranoid Supes would be more than likely to "dot the Is and cross the Ts".

Finally, it seems as though a lot of fingers are being pointed at the idea that this scene of Batman being locked away inside Superman's desert stronghold is in fact either a dream or an alternate reality. As we reported in our detailed look at the trailer earlier, an action figure of Affleck's "Desert Batman" was labeled as "Knightmare Batman", leading one to believe that this is Bruce Wayne's worst nightmare come to life, or perhaps a vision of things to come. If this were an alternate future, perhaps Bruce plants the seed to Kal-El with regards to this new "Fortress of Solitude" and leads the way for its new location.


What do you all think? Do you think the desert will be the newest location of Superman's home away from home?