Batman V Superman Done In Forties Retro Style


It's easy to forget that Batman and Superman have been involved with Hollywood for a long while, but Youtube user Darth Blender wanted to see what Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice's big throwdown would look like back in the 40's.

That's exacty what we have in this Batman V Superman 40's Retro Style Trailer. Piecing together footage from the old Superman and Batman serials, the Darth Blender team, consisting of Felipe Haurelhuk, Fernando Mendonca, Eduardo Calvet, Tony Pereira, Marcio Salztragger, Camila Oka, and Marcio Salztragger, was able to recreate the BVS trailer remarkably well. They even draft Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman towards the end, which I'm sure will make a lot of fans happy.


The trailer is really well done, and definitely worth a look. You can see more of their work on their Youtube page.