Before Watchmen Artist Conner Sketches Silk Spectre on Youtube

Amanda Conner, the artist on the Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre miniseries, drew her first Silk Spectre commission for a fan at MegaCon the weekend before last. The entire sketch session was filmed by the commissioner, who has posted the video (played in time lapse for your pleasure) on youTube to give fans a peek at Conner's process and a sense for how the character may look beyond just the initial DC promotional image. In spite of the controversy surrounding Before Watchmen, most fans seem to agree that Conner is, stylistically, an inspired choice to tackle the Silk Spectre issues. Along with Joe Kubert and Darwyn Cooke, it's her appearance on the project that appears to pacify many fans and promise good reviews and some degree of mercy from its critics.