Bioware Wants To Know If A Dragon Age Tactics Game Interests You


With Dragon Age Inquisition finally completed, there are numerous genres the Dragon Age team at Bioware could tackle next. That said, a recent tweet by Dragon Age producer Mark Darrah hints that maybe they aren't done with the DA universe quite yet.

The tweet above is a poll he sent out that asked "Would you play a Dragon Age Tactics Game? The summary was of course yes, a lot of people would. There is some extra information via the replies, like that it would be in the same vein as X-Com or Fire Emblem, and that it would likely include some type of romance option. Also mentioned was that it wouldn't be in lieu of a traditional Dragon Age release, just in addition to. That said, the next Dragon Age hasn't actually been greenlit as of yet, so that isn't necessarily a done deal either.

I love the tactics genre, and think that Dragon Age would be a natural fit. I remember when another of my favorite RPG franchises did something like this in Suikoden Tactics. It was a fun game, but in my mind wasn't a deep enough experience. Hopefully Bioware can avoid that same pitfall.


via IGN