Bob Newhart Returning To The Big Bang Theory


Legendary stand-up comedian and sitcom star, Bob Newhart (The Bob Newhart Show, Newhart), is set to return to The Big Bang Theory for a fourth time!

Newhart will reprise his role of Arthur Jeffries (Professor Proton), Sheldon and Leonard's boyhood idol, on the December 17th episode of The Big Bang Theory. He'll once again appear in the Sheldon's dreams as a ghostly Jedi to help him sort out his feelings and make a very important decision.

In 2013, the role earned Newhart his first Emmy Award (Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series). Newhart first appeared in Season 6, when Sheldon and Leonard discovered ex-host of a science show for kids was hosting children's parties. He made his second appearance in Season 7, working with Leonard. Later on that season his character died and Newhart appeared to Sheldon as a Jedi ghost. He gave the theoretical physicist some sound advice that got him out of his funk.


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