Breaking Bad Action Figures Come Under Fire From Mom Who Wants Them Pulled From Toys R' Us

One mom has raised over 1,000 electronic signatures on for a petition to remove Breaking Bad action figures from Toys ‘R’ Us shelves. The Walter White action figure comes with a gun and a bag of crystal meth as accessories. There’s also a Jessie Pinkman figure that comes with a gas mask.

As reported by the Today Show, the mother feels that action figures, or any toys, that are in any way related to drug use should not be found on the shelves of a store that is otherwise aimed at attracting children. For its part, Toys ‘R’ Us points out that the packing of the figures clearly says the toys are not intended for children under the age of 15 and that they are placed in the adult section of the store, though the report shows them nestled next to G.I. Joe and Super Mario Bros. toys. Reactions on Twitter point out that these same mothers seem to have no problem with the violence inherent with soldier, ninja, and pirate toys, or the toy weapons that are often packaged with them.

Here’s the Today show report:


Obviously, action figures in and of themselves are not entirely the purview of children. For her part, the mother who started the petition is okay with the figures existing and being sold in adult novelty stores, just not at a children’s toy store.