Brian Michael Bendis Writes About End Of Ultimate Universe Rumors


Earlier this week, Marvel Comics released the solicitation text for Cataclysm #2, which led to a lot of comic book sites speculating that the Ultimate Universe could be coming to an end. Of course, the solicitation text seems designed really to create that response as the series is titled "The Ultimates Last Stand," and it is revealed that Miles Morales is headed to the main Marvel Universe.

However, some sites have reported it as pretty much being definite that the Ultimate Universe is going away, which has fans asking Bendis why he's ending the Ultimate Universe. In a responses that doesn't state whether the rumors are true or not, Bendis lets his frustration in regards to the rumors be known.

Bendis wrote, "Please allow me to not comment on unsubstantiated rumors and let us tell our story. And please believe me when I tell you that I have been working on the ultimate universe for 14 years. As important as it is to some of you it is doubly doubly doubly important to me. If not more so. And I promise you that I will not let you down and I will tell the story worth telling.

Can you imagine if there were someone at your job who just decided it was their job to spoil everything that you do?   And if they can’t spoil it they just make something up?

That is what it’s like to try to tell a decent story for this generation of mainstream comic book creators.  See, if we deny the rumor, we give them hits, which is all they want, and if we don’t deny it, we make it true and give them hits. Which is all they want.

So no matter what I do, I lose. And no matter what I do they win.


I just want to tell a ****ing story without this barnacle on my ass.  and, yes, i know, just mentioning them causes them to start masturbating.  I know I’m not helping myself but i just want to be clear where i stand with this.

What’s funny to me is that no matter how many times these stupid websites are wrong, and they are wrong about half the time, people still believe what they read."