Captain Boomerang Teased in Second Arrow/The Flash Crossover Storyboard From Marc Guggenheim

Owly Images

Just minutes after our last article on Marc Guggenheim's The Flash/Arrow crossover tease, he's tweeted out another one...which, as it turns out, has been on his account for a few days.

Trust us, we looked and these are the only two he's put out there so far.

The image shows The Flash holding a boomerang -- which might seem weird to non-comics readers, but those in the know are, of course, aware that the boomerang likely belongs to Digger Harkness, better known as the longtime Flash rogue Captain Boomerang, who has been announced as a recurring villain on Arrow this year.

He'll appear for the first of two episodes the week before Barry Allen shows up in Starling City, and hold over through the crossover with The Flash, which is titled "The Brave and the Bold." This gives Harkness a chance to stumble across his longtime comics nemesis for the first time in live-action (he was referenced, but not seen, in Smallville, although that was again a Green Arrow plot and not to do with The Flash).


Harkness is one of the Flash rogues arguably most "helped" by the New 52 relaunch: prior to the Flashpoint reboot, he had become a bit of a punching bag for the DC Universe, culminating in his death in Identity Crisis during a story where he was hired to murder the father of then-Robin Tim Drake. He was then replaced by his son, whose general aesthetic -- slimmer, younger, etc. -- has continued into the New 52. He's now a member of the Suicide Squad, a group of supervillains working under duress for the government. That group are recurring characters on Arrow.

The Flash debuts Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. Arrow debuts Wednesday at the same time.