Catch a Drink at the Speakeasy While Listening to This Jazzy Pokemon Theme Cover


Listening to the Pokemon theme song usually takes fans back to their middle school days, but this rendition of the Pokemon song might take you all the way back to the 1920s. Scott Bradlee, the founder of the popular Postmodern Jukebox YouTube channel, posted a video earlier this week of singer Sara Niemietz singing the extended theme song to the original Pokemon anime series as a slow, soulful jazz cover, accompanied by Bradlee and several other musicians.

You might recognize Bradlee as the founder of Postmodern Jukebox, a rotating ensemble of musicians who play covers of pop songs in "retro" music styles ranging from 1920s flapper music to Motown. He also occasionally writes covers of cartoon theme songs as part of a recurring segment on his Postmodern Jukebox Youtube channel called "Saturday Morning Slow Jams". Several of Postmodern Jukebox videos have received over 14 million views and the band has released several popular albums and occasionally tours across America.

At the end of the Pokemon theme song video, Bradlee announces that he's started a second music YouTube channel under his own name, which will feature non-Postmodern Jukebox work. He jokingly says that his new videos will feature him dressed more casually (Bradlee and the other musicians wear formal attire in Postmodern Jukebox videos), but we'll see if he plans on dropping any more classically modified nostalgic songs for us to enjoy.