Chappie Wins Friday Box Office With $4.5M


Sony Pictures Entertainment will be happy to know that Neill Blomkamp's Chappie won Friday's box office with $4.5M, but they're not going to be thrilled with its weekend total. Chappie was expected to bring in $18M, but it is now estimated to come in around $13M. Ouch! That is well below Blomkamp's previous film openings as 2009's District 9 opened with $37.35M and 2013's Elysium opened with $29.8M. Critics have hammered the R-rated film, however, audiences gave it a respectable 'B' CinemaScore. 60% of the audience was male and 57% was under the age of 30.

Meanwhile, Vince Vaughn's Unfinished Business is struggling at the box office. It only pulled in $1.75M on Friday and will finish in eight place with $5M. It will be the worst wide-release opening for a film starring Vaughn. Fellow newcomer The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, grossed $2.7M on Friday and is expected to finish in third with $7-8M for the weekend. Audiences gave it a 'B+' CinemaScore, while Unfinished Business only received a 'B-' CinemaScore.

(via Deadline)

1). Chappie (Sony), 3,201 theaters  / $4.5M Fri.*/ 3-Day: $13-$13.5M/Wk 1

2). Focus (WB), 3,323 theaters  / $2.88M Fri. (-55%)/ 3-Day: $10.483M (-46%)/Total Cume: $35M/Wk 2

3). The Second Exotic Marigold Hotel (FSL), 1,573 theaters  / $2.7M Fri./ 3-Day: $9.1M/Wk 1

4). Kingsman: The Secret Service  (FOX), 3,101 theaters (-181) / $2.23M Fri. (-26%)/ 3-Day: $8.3M (-30%)/ Total Cume: $98M/ Wk 4

5). The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water (PAR), 3,097 theaters (-370)  / $1.379M Fri. (-34%)/ 3-Day: $7.16M (-34%)/Total Cume: $147.1M/ Wk 5

6). McFarland USA (DIS), 2,792 theaters (+27)/ $1.47M Fri. (-26%) / 3-Day: $5.48M (-30%)/Total Cume: $29.3M/ Wk 3

7). Fifty Shades Of Grey (UNI/Focus), 2,788 theaters (-595) / $1.77M Fri. (-50%)/ 3-Day: $5.2M (-51%)/Total Cume: $156M/ Wk 4

8). Unfinished Business (Fox), 2,777 theaters  / $1.8M Fri.*/ 3-Day: $5.12M/Wk 1

9). The Duff (CBS/LGF), 2,559 theaters (-63)/ $1.526M Fri. (-30%)/ 3-Day: $4.9M (-29%)/Total Cume: $26.05M/ Wk 3

10). The Lazarus Effect (REL), 2,666 theaters  (0)/ $1.55M Fri. (-58%)/ 3-Day: $4.65M (-54%)/Total Cume: $16.95M/ Wk 2