Children's Hospital Warns Staff about Pokemon GO Players

pokemon hospital
(Photo: Nintendo)

Millions of players are exploring their neighborhood thanks to Pokemon GO, a new mobile app that uses real world landmarks as stand ins for Pokemon Gyms. Unfortunately, some players aren't showing common sense, as shown by a warning issued to staff at a Columbus area hospital.

Nationwide Children's Hospital, one of the top pediatric hospitals in the country, recently warned staff about Pokemon GO players trying to enter restricted areas. According to Destructoid, which published the email, staffers were informed that Pokemon GO players had breached supposedly secured areas searching for nearby Pokemon to catch. The email advises hospital staff to be aware of the "Pokemon Gamers" and to discourage them from wandering the hospital.

Nationwide Children's Hospital is a well known Columbus landmark, so it's no surprise that Pokemon GO uses the game as a PokeStop or Pokemon Gym. However, Niantic might want to consider taking steps to curb Pokemon spawning in certain sensitive areas, in order to prevent player from inadvertently entering areas they shouldn't. Although, players probably shouldn't need to be told not to trespass while playing Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO is available in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.


(via Destructoid)