Christopher Nolan Had To Approve Flash Appearing On Arrow

Christopher Nolan

While there have been rumors circulating that Christopher Nolan might no longer be involved in the Man Of Steel follow-up, there are some other indications that he is still very much involved in the oversight of the DC Universe not only on the big screen but on the small screen as well. During Fan Expo Canada, Stephen Amell was asked about the possibility of DC Entertainment merging their television and film universes.

In response, Stephen Amell said, “I think that in the pantheon of DC characters, and I’m not afraid to say it. It probably goes in some order, Batman and Superman, and then I think the next level down is the Flash, right? I mean the Flash is one of the biggest DC characters out there. So if we’re able to introduce the Flash into our show, and then spin the Flash off into his own show, then I think it would make a ton of sense…only if everybody liked to make a ton of money… to take the properties that you have on television and to bring them onto the big screen. “

Amell added, “I will tell you this. I know that when I found out about Barry Allen appearing on the show, one of the executive producers told me for Barry Allen to appear on the show, we had to get approval all the way up to Christopher Nolan. Because he’s Christopher Nolan, and he’s the czar of all things Warner Bros. and DC. And he likes the show and approved of Barry Allen approving. So I would say that’s a very good sign.”

If Christopher Nolan is approving the use of DC Comic characters in the Arrow television series, then it certainly indicates that he is likely very involved in a Justice League movie. And as Amell pointed out, it certainly suggests that there could be hope for the DC television universe crossing over with the DC film universe.