Clerks III Might Be Crowdsourced Via Kickstarter


While Kevin Smith created huge buzz by announcing Clerks III via Twitter, it turns out that there are still some things that need to be ironed out before the film actually moves forward. In a Hollywood Babble-On Podcast, Kevin Smith talked about how the deal  for Clerks II was that him, producer Scott Mosier, and stars Jeff Anderson, Brian O’Halloran, and Jason Mewes would share in the profits on the back end.

However, they hadn’t seen any of the back end money, so they had to request an audit of the film’s finances, which is still in process. At this point in time, Jeff Anderson hasn’t officially signed on for Clerks III, because he’s reluctant to go into Clerks III when the doors haven’t even be closed on Clerks II. Kevin Smith says he can’t imagine doing the film without Jeff Anderson.

Kevin Smith is hoping things get worked out, and he’s trying to hit a 2014 release date for Clerks III in order to tie into the 20th anniversary of Clerks. Smith still plans to go forward with Clerks III even if he can’t hit the 2014 release date.

As far as how Clerks III will be financed, Kevin Smith hopes to crowdsource the film through Kickstarter. Smith said, “The guy who made Clerks making Clerks III via Kickstarter just makes sense.” What that means for fans is that they actually might be able to buy their way into Clerks III. Smith said, “I’m telling you there’s lots of opportunity to be in Clerks III.”

As far as the Clerks III plot, Smith said, “It all takes place in the span of a day."  Smith added, "Clerks III has an ending that kind of jumps a little bit in time.” Clerks III will be between 90 to 100 minutes and will be filmed in black and white. Smith joked that they don’t really make black and white film anymore, so the movie might have to be shot in color and de-colorized.