Comic Book Hot List for October 19, 2011

Here we go! Time for another list of the books that hit the stands tomorrow, and you will definitely see some titles worth picking up this week and talking about later! Marvel has some biggies this week, and let's not waste time! Let's jump on in!

Marvel: 1. Fear Itself #7. It all ends here! This is it! The battle between the Red Skull and the heroes of the Marvel U culminates here!

2. Fear Itself: The Fearless #1. The hammers may be down, but now Valkyrie must clean them up.

3. Uncanny X-Men #544. The FINAL issue of this long-running comics current volume.

4. Avengers #18. A new team must arise from the ashes of the old. Who makes the cut?

5. Herc #9. It's Hera, Zeus and other mythological mayhem!

6. Invincible Iron Man #509. From the depths of defeat, Tony Stark comes back.

7. Ultimate Hawkeye #3. The Hulk joins in to "help" Hawkeye!


1. Batman #1. The breakout Scott Snyder-penned hit rolls out issue two!

2. Wonder Woman #2. Hera pulls double duty, appearing in this book, too.

3. Justice League #2. The flagship team of the DCU continues to form, and Batman vs. Superman to boot!

4. Catwoman #2. Can anything top last issue's shocking ending?

5. Supergirl #2. She's landed on Earth and found a or enemy?

6. Blue Beetle #2. One of the quirkier books of the new DC sees its young hero's origin grow.

7. Birds of Prey #2. It's a new look to a team that saw several roster changes pre-relaunch.

Image Comics

1. Savage Dragon # 174. The mutated remains of Rex Dexter know no bounds!

2. Xenoholics #1. A support group for addicts of the supernatural and odd.

3. All Nighter #5. The last issue in this limited series. Will Martha be found?

4. Near Death #2. Moral dilemmas abound in this story of a sex offender marked for death.

Dark Horse

1. Mass Effect: Invasion #1. Galaxy-wide power struggles start here, with Aria ruling with an iron fist!

2. Conan: Road of Kings #9. Even Conan faces zombies. These just happen to be underground.

3. B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: Russia #2. A possessed prisoner gets to test himself against Johann and Kate.

4. Dark Horse Presents #5. 80 pages of storytelling and "Skeleton Key"!


1. Space Warped #4. Another installment of the latest spoof of a classic sci-fi film.


2. Key of Z #1. Zombies, harmonicas and New York. What's not to love?

3. Farscape #24. It's the last issue of this series! Don't miss it!