Comic Book Men Recap: The Dukes Of Jersey

Comic Book Men Dukes of Jersey

“The Dukes of Jersey” episode of Comic Book Men opens with Bryan asking Walt and Ming at what age they felt it was ok for kids to see an R-Rated movie. Ming reveals that his dad took him to see The Deer Hunter when he was only eight years old.

A seller brings a bunch of Dukes of Hazzard merchandise into the Secret Stash. The Secret Stash guys pick a couple items out that they are interested in buying. After some negotiating back and forth, the seller offers to take everyone for a ride in his General Lee car to close the deal. Walt agrees and everyone heads outside to go cruising in the General Lee.

A seller brings in copies of Amazing Spider-Man #14 and #122 to the Secret Stash. Amazing Spider-Man #14 features the first appearance of Green Goblin, and Amazing Spider-Man #122 features the death of Gwen Stacy. The seller reveals he picked up the Amazing Spider-Man #14 in a mom-and-pop comic book store for a dollar. The seller asks $3000 for the two comics, but Walt only offers $300 for the comics. The seller agrees to take Walt’s offer.

A seller brings some My Little Pony figures into the Secret Stash. The seller is a Brony (fan of My Little Pony) and has a My Little Pony tattoo on his arm. Walt says that they can’t really flip My Little Pony figures fast, and he asks if the seller has anything else. The seller also has a Thor Mini-Bust artist proof from the first Thor movie. After some negotiation, Walt agrees to buy the Thor Mini-Bust for $125.

A customer comes in the Secret Stash looking for a Mego USS Enterprise Playset. The customer reveals that he broke his cousin’s playset when he was six years old and wants to buy him a new one. After some negotiation, Walt agrees to sell the playset for $96.