Constantine: Easter Eggs and DC Comics References in The Darkness Beneath

Tonight's episode of Constantine focused primarily on the introduction of Zed, and wasn't the [...]

Tonight's episode of Constantine focused primarily on the introduction of Zed, and wasn't the smorgasbord of winks and nods that the previous episode was.

Still, we did manage to spot a few things. Let us know whether you saw any we missed...!


Who is Zed, the woman who joins Constantine's crusade this week? Well, we wrote a good deal about her earlier today.

" if you're his long-lost lover."

In the comics, John and Zed have a complicated relationship that does, indeed, include an affair in their past.

John's tattoos

We got a look at a number of Constantine's tattoos when he was shirtless this episode, including what looked like Arabic or runic lettering on his torso. 

Tattoos on Constantine's arms played a big role in the Keanu Reeves film, although the most memorable tattoo he has in any continuity is the tree Swamp Thing had put on his ass.

The art of Hellblazer

TIm Bradstreet, among others, provided some art for the episode. We saw some of it last week, but today we got a really good look at a number of pieces which will be familiar to longtime readers of Hellblazer comics.


This is a real thing, of course, although from what I can tell in my limited research online, the creatures called Coblynau (the closest thing to what Constantine was saying that I can find) are in fact not inherently protective spirits and aren't the ghosts of dead miners but instead are essentially goblins that are tied to mines.

Tad Bowman

It's likely a coincidence, but considering that the creatures Constantine dealt with this week share common mythological ancestry with the Stephen King novel The Tommyknockers, it's interesting to note that the mine president, Tad Bowman, has a name that phonetically sounds a lot like "Thad Beaumont," the lead character in King's The Dark Half.