Could Jay and Silent Bob Cameo On The Flash?


Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes's characters Jay and Silent Bob have appeared in more than a half-dozen feature films, an animated series, advertisements, and more; they even had an arc on Degrassi High at one point.

They've also starred -- both as themselves and as their fictional alter egos Bluntman and Chronic -- in comic books -- so if they were to pop up on an episode of The CW's The Flash, that could theoretically be considered an inter-company crossover, right?

It doesn't seem out of the question, as Smith -- who created the characters in his freshman hit Clerks and owns the rights to Jay and Silent Bob -- shared this tweet earlier today:


That backwards white cap looks like it could be Smith's Mooby's hat, worn by Silent Bob pretty regularly since Dogma, and rarely worn by Smith out of character anymore. That, combined with the "losers loitering outside" crack, seems to suggest that Jay and Silent Bob will be causing trouble in the Jitters parking lot, as they've done at the Quick Stop, RST Video, and wherever else Smith has gone to film for over 20 years now.