Darth Vader Toaster Burns Star Wars Logo Into Bread

1bd7 star wars toaster

Everyone, stop. The biggest piece of Star Wars release new this year isn't The Force Awakens, the upcoming spin-off film, or the Marvel Comics series—it's this Darth Vader toaster.

Knowing full-well that the key to a balanced diet is more Star Wars, ThinkGeek is now selling a Vader-sculpted toaster that burns the Star Wars logo into all manners of bread. Summoning the Dark Side's force lighting, the Darth Vader toaster show its true power by toasting bread, waffles, English muffins, and toaster pastries. That's right, Toaster Strudels just became even more irresistible. Sadly, bagels seem to have evaded the Sith Lord's grasp…for now.

The toaster can toast two slices at a time, and also boasts a reheat, defrost, and quick stop function. Those first two features were probably quite handy during the battle of Hoth.

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The asking price of $50 dollar is a bit steep, but think of it this way: With this toaster, no one will ever want to eat out for breakfast again. And until Lightsabers are invented, it's any fans best hope at preparing breakfast like a Sith Lord.