Did Pokemon X/Y Hint at a Third Pokemon Sun/Moon Legendary?

Earlier today, the Pokemon Company revealed new details about this fall's Pokemon Sun and Pokemon [...]


Earlier today, the Pokemon Company revealed new details about this fall's Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon games. In addition to revealing the new Alola Region and the three new starter Pokemon, the video game company also revealed the box art for the new games, featuring two new Legendary Pokemon. Since Pokemon Gold/Silver, every Pokemon game has had their own mascot Legendary Pokemon, which usually have a prominent role in the game's storylines. Typically, Legendary Pokemon appear in trios, with each of the three Pokemon representing some sort of related universal concept or theory. For instance, the Hoenn region Legendary Pokemon (Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza) represent the ocean, land and sky that form the Earth.

Based on the appearances of the two new Legendary Pokemon, it's pretty obvious that one acts as an avatar/guardian for the sun, while the other acts as a representative for the moon. It's widely expected that a third Legendary Pokemon will also be introduced, possibly relating to an eclipse or other celestial event. While we don't know what that hypothetical Pokemon looks like, we may have gotten our first hint from an unexpected source...Pokemon X/Y.

The 2013 installments of the Pokemon franchise had a small Easter egg that hinted at Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, nearly three years before the games were announced. After talking to a backpacker from a region "far from Kalos", multiple times over consecutive days, the backpacker gives an item called a Strange Souvenir, which resembles a small tiki statue. According to the item's description, the item depicts a Pokemon that is "venerated as a protector". The statue vaguely resembles Bagon, a Dragon-type Pokemon, but with large, shaded eyes and strange wing-like hands. So far, no one has figured out what the Strange Souvenir's purpose in Pokemon X/Y was, other than as a nifty secret item for players to collect. Here's a close up depiction of the Strange Souvenir:


While it's obvious that the Strange Souvenir was a tease at Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon, could it also be a hint at the third Legendary Pokemon? After all, the item doesn't have any other use in the games and doesn't resemble the unnamed mascot Legendary Pokemon from Pokemon Sun/Moon. So what do you think? Is the Strange Souvenir more than a fun Easter egg? Let us know in the comments below!