Disney's First Marvel Animated Movie Is...

Blue Sky Disney, a UK-based Disney blog, announced yesterday that an adaptation of the X-Men universe spinoff Big Hero 6 will be the first Marvel property adapted into an animated feature by the company. Apparently greenlit by Disny Animation and Pixar head John Lasseter, the film will come from Disney Animation Studios, not Pixar.

Created by Steven T. Seagle and Duncan Rouleau, the story revolves around a team of Japanese, government-sanctioned superheroes led by Marvel staples like Sunfire and Silver Samurai whose adventures seem uniquely suited to a Disney animated feature, as the setting and the relatively unknown state of the characters involved make it fairly flexible in terms of crafting an all-ages story.

In terms of a timetable, the blog had a pretty specific answer for fans wondering when Big Hero 6 might be on the way:

"After Wreck-It Ralph this year, next year is theSnow Queen adaptation, Frozen for 2013, but the slot that is set for 2014 has been put aside for Don Hall's project. Don Hall is the director of Big Hero 6. In fact, he's the one that pitched the idea to Lasseter, who liked his take on the subject and approved it for development. Now, it's not fully green lit. The project is story boarded and has been deemed strong enough to tentatively put in the production line."

More on this as it develops, obviously.