Does Lois Lane Know Clark Kent Is Superman In The New DC Universe?

When DC Comics re-launched their universe, there were a lot of changes that took place for [...]

Superman cemetery

When DC Comics re-launched their universe, there were a lot of changes that took place for Superman. The Man of Steel lost both his red trunks as well as his marriage to Lois Lane. In the New 52 universe, Clark Kent and Lois Lane were never married, and Lois Lane has no idea that Superman is really Clark Kent. Or does she? Issues #4 and #5 of Superman have dropped some serious hints that Lois Lane either knows or strongly suspects that Clark Kent is Superman. In issue #4 of Superman, Lois Lane busts Clark Kent for telling her that he was in Metropolis when he was actually in Smallville. Clark Kent apologizes and tells Lois Lane that he was visiting his parent's grave. Lois Lane appears to buy Clark Kent's explanation and even defends him to his co-workers. However, after Clark Kent's co-workers leave, Lois Lane looks at a video on her computer of Superman flying away from a cemetery.

Lois Lane yells Clark

In issue #5 of Superman, Lois Lane asks Jimmy Olsen to do some hacking for her. When Jimmy points out that Miko is better at hacking than him, Lois says that she doesn't want to involve her because she will ask questions. While it's not spelled out exactly what Jimmy Olsen does, it's suggested that he somehow modifies the phone on Lois Lane's computer. After sending Jimmy Olsen away, Lois Lane then attempts to call Clark Kent. As Lois watches Superman engage in some very uncharacteristic behavior, Lois Lane desperately calls out for Clark Kent through her modified computer phone. One possible conclusion from Lois Lane's actions is that she suspects someone else is impersonating Superman, so she's attempting to reach Clark Kent, because she knows he is the real Superman. What are your thoughts? Has Lois Lane figured out that Clark Kent and Superman are one and the same? Or is this just a big tease and will some other explanation be offered for Lois Lane's behavior?