Dogspotters Are Not Thrilled with Pokemon GO


At least one unexpected group is pretty upset with the new Pokemon GO game. Dogspotting is a popular Facebook group with over 200,000 members who score points for taking pictures of dogs they encounter during their everyday lives. "Dogspotting" has a few simple rules, like "no humans in pictures" and "don't take pictures of service dogs". Unfortunately, the group has enacted a new rule: no photos from Pokemon GO.

The problems began shortly after Pokemon GO's release, when fans began submitting pictures taken while using the Pokemon GO app. Pokemon GO uses a phone's camera to simulate catching Pokemon in the real world, leading to humorous moments where it looks like a Pokemon is interacting with their surroundings. Pokemon GO also has a camera function that lets players take pictures with the Pokemon in view, which made it very easy for some members to both play both Pokemon GO and Dogspotting at the same time.

Originally, the Dogspotting group seemed to take the Pokemon GO jokes in stride, but soon admins stepped in to limit Pokemon GO posts. After trying to limit Pokemon GO related spots to one threads, admins eventually decided to ban Pokemon GO pictures all together. Some members tried to argue that the pictures didn't break any existing rules, but the admins (and a corresponding "People's Court" organized by Dogspotting) decided that Pokemon had no place in dog pictures.

Pokemon GO is currently available in the US, Australia and New Zealand...but not in those countries' Dogspotting groups.

(via Vocativ)