Dredd Gets New Official Image, and Some Test Footage

A big day for fans looking forward to Karl Urban's turn as Judge Dredd in November's upcoming Dredd feature.

Not only is there a new, full-length image of Urban as Dredd (seen at right) but also a test footage clip from Dredd has appeared in the reel for one of the special effects coordinators and has been made available online.

As for the test reel, you can see an animated piece of demo footage, roughly thirty seconds long, beginning at 33 seconds in the video below.

Bleeding Cool, who put these two pieces together, identifies the reel below as coming from special effects artist Sagar Rathod, who has also (as you can see here) worked on movies like Sherlock Holmes and Where the Wild Things Are for Warner. Check out the violent, bloody and a little odd clip and let us know what you think!