Early John Romita Designs Of The Punisher Reveal Other Possible Names

(Photo: John Romita)

It can be argued that the name doesn't make the character, but we have seen time and time again a great character get a trash name and subsequently fade into obscurity and vice versa.


The same thing could have happened to Frank Castle, aka The Punisher. On an original sketch by iconic artist John Romita, there are some other ideas for a name in the top right corner. The two names in question are The Grim Reaper and The Executioner. Neither title stuck thankfully, but did go on to be used for other characters in the Marvel universe.

Could you see Frank as either one of these? I like the way they were going, but ultimately The Punisher just fits so much better. It's like when you see Stone Cold referred to as the Ringmaster. It was so close, just not quite there yet.


via Themarvelageofcomics