Exclusive: Keith Giffen Talks DC Universe Vs. Masters of the Universe

DC Comics/Masters of the Universe crossover by Dexter Soy

Legendary comics writer/artist Keith Giffen recently joined ComicBook.com for a talk about his future with DC Comics. Having left Superman and Legion of Super-Heroes behind in the recent past, Giffen finds himself working now on Masters of the Universe and Threshold, with Larfleeze and a mysterious new project on the horizon. He's also, beginning in August, crossing over He-Man and the Masters of the Universe with Superman and the Justice League in a new miniseries titled DC Universe Vs. Masters of the Universe. That series (you may have seen toys that mirror the concept) will launch on August 28 with art by Dexter Soy, but we touched on it while talking with Giffen earlier this week. (Also, for context on that last question, check out Giffen, J.M. DeMatteis and Joe Abraham's Hero Squared, which I've always maintained had some commonalities to He-Man, although perhaps Shazam is a more apt comparison.) Check back later today for the full interview!


ComicBook.com: You're not young enough to have pitted your DC Super Powers action figures against your Masters of the Universe toys like some of us were, but how fun is it to get a gig like DC Universe vs. Masters of the Universe? Keith Giffen: It's been an absolute joy. Mattel have been 100 percent supportive (and most, if not all of the more radical changes in the mythos have come from them). ComicBook.com: Is it a little difficult kind of "finding a level" for these characters? I mean, Superman and He-Man are basically similar power levels relative to the other people in their worlds, but you're always going to have people saying that the characters should or shouldn't be able to do X. Giffen: Comes with the territory. I've had people tell me Lobo shouldn't be able to do X and I created the character. As for finding a level... that's usually an organic process. It happens when you're not looking. That's when it works best. ComicBook.com: Will Skeletor find himself an ally in the DC Universe? Giffen: Yup. Quite a few in fact. ComicBook.com: Now that we've seen He-Man and Prince Adam in the DC Universe, what are the odds that we'll one day see Milo and Captain Valor hanging with Superman? Giffen: Um... Never? Not because it would be a bad idea (which, come to think of it, it would) but because I have no more stories that I want to tell about Milo and Valor. Sorry.