Family Guy Kills A Major Character, And Twitter Goes Nuts

Family Guy logoSpoilers ahead for tonight's episode of Family Guy.

When a sitcom kills off a major character, it's almost always promoted aggressively by the network.

For instance, Fox's Animation Domination block features the long-running animated sitcom The Simpsons, and when they kill a major character at the beginning of next season, it will be after more than a year of fans knowing it was coming.

Tonight, though, Family Guy killed off Brian Griffin--the family dog, yes, but arguably one of the show's two most prominent characters (along with Stewie), it seemed like it would be resolved by the end of the episode (after all, Stewie has a time machine that he's used on more than one occasion, and he and Brian have hopped through the Multiverse before). It didn't happen, though, and the family replaced him with a new dog, who ended the episode bonding with Stewie after he broke down about having lost his best friend.

Social media...didn't take it well. Here's a sampling.