Fan Fridays: Is Prometheus the Son of Green Arrow?

Green Arrow’s Fifth Season is coming down the pike, promising to explore the idea of Oliver [...]

Green Arrow's Fifth Season is coming down the pike, promising to explore the idea of Oliver Queen training a new generation of heroes to protect Starling City. Along with his on again, off again beau, Felicity, the Green Arrow is attempting to clean up the mess within his city walls caused by the supernatural threat, Damian Dahrk. A good superhero series wouldn't be much if it didn't have a good villain so the antagonist of Prometheus is being added to the mix to present a new challenge to Oliver and company this time around. While not much is known about Prometheus at this point, the theory that he could in fact be the son of Oliver Queen from the future isn't without merit. Yes, Prometheus could be Ollie Jr. from a far off future and we're here to tell you why.

So a bit of backstory on the character of Prometheus from the comics to start: the villain is basically the anti-Batman when it comes to his origin. Raised by two monstrous criminals, Prometheus' parents were killed in a shootout with the police and the young boy had his own "Bruce Wayne moment" where he swore revenge on their murderers. The twist of this being of course that Wayne's parents were killed by criminals and thus Prometheus swore revenge on the law and would devote his life to attempting to destroy it. Training in a similar vein to Batman, the added danger of Prometheus came from a device strapped to his helmet that allowed him to mimic any fighting style and/or knowledge he recorded. This allowed Prometheus to take down the Justice League by himself at one point, even managing to beat the Dark Knight in a fist fight!

Looking at Prometheus in the upcoming season of Arrow, you can see that he's a tad different from his comic roots and isn't as flashy. Garbed in a raggedy outfit, Prometheus looks closer to a dark version of Green Arrow himself rather than the grandiose super villain he originally debuted as. Needless to say, the idea of Prometheus being Oliver's son from the future plays on the producers stating that this season, and the villain himself, are a reflection of the idea of "legacy" and how it can be twisted. Oliver's son is currently alive and well, but still a young child, so it's clear that the present version isn't the dark archer, but time in the CW-verse this season is wonky at best.

Faces of Evil Prometheus 01

At the end of Flash's second season, Barry kicked off Flashpoint, an event that muddles with time and irrevocably changed things in the timestream. The outside ramifications have yet to be seen but plucking a dark version of Conner Queen from the future is within the realm of possibility. The Legends of Tomorrow series that started last season also sees a group of time traveling heroes battling threats to the timeline, so again, this leads credence to the idea of an alternate future Conner bouncing back to challenge his father. Again, with the idea of legacy being the focal point of this season, it makes sense. The actors and producers of the CW have also stated that this season would be the heaviest when it came to crossovers, therefore seeing these elements bleed into Arrow in the form of a deranged progeny of Queen makes sense.

Arrow has been in needs of some touch ups from its fourth season, but the CW is looking brighter for this fall in terms of its changes and Prometheus may help bring the show back to its former glory, son of Arrow or no.

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