Fantasy Artist Frank Frazetta Dies at 82

It's another big loss for the comic book industry this year. Earlier this year, noted editor and legend Dick Giordano passed away, and now another legend in the industry has passed. Frank Frazetta, known for his rich work on characters such as Tarzan and Conan, has died at the age of 82 after suffering a stroke. Born in 1928, Frazetta got his start contributing detailed work for several EC Comics books, and later working on L'il Abner with Al Capp. He then moved on to work on the risque Little Annie Fanny with Harvey Kurtzman.

His style often showed off the power, physique and brutality of characters such as the barbarian and jungle man listed above, and the depth of detail in showing the scenes of battle and ferocity were easily recognizable. In addition to his work in comics, he also did several memorable album covers for groups such as Wolfmother, Nazareth and Molly Hatchet. His work is unmistakable and he will be missed.