Five Things To Know About The Flash Midseason Premiere


The Flash returns on The CW tonight, and it's hard not to be at least a little excited.

The network's top-rated and acclaimed superhero series comes back with the introduction of a dangerous new threat, and with Barry torn between conflicting elements of Team Flash while he tries to decide whether or not he's going to tell his girlfriend about his double life.

So...what are the five big teases for tonight's episode?

Somebody dies tonight.

There's a death on tonight's episode, and it's one that you won't see coming.

(And, no, it has nothing to do with Arrow's long-lingering mystery death.)

Something interferes with Barry's plans.

The crux of much of the episode is the conflict: tell Patty Spivot the truth to help their relationship, or keep hiding his dual life as The Flash from her to keep her safe from Zoom. Everybody on Team Flash has a say in the matter -- and especially Iris, who had a lot to say last season when she discovered how much Barry had been keeping from her.

But will the decision be his to make? By the time he figures out what he wants to do, outside forces could make the decision for him.

Wally isn't who you expect him to be.

Wally West is introduced more fully in this episode, and for some longtime fans, it's going to be a challenge reconciling this version of Wally with what's come before in the comics.

That isn't to say that he doesn't have redeeming qualities and there isn't a reason to the changes. But as a big Wally West fan myself, I can tell you that the first bit of the episode was hard to watch without getting annoyed with him.

Caitlin and Jay share a surprising moment.

We've already seen the pair flirt for most of the season -- and a teaser for tonight's episode sees Ciso telling them to "just kiss already" -- but Jay Garrick and Caitlin Snow will share a surprising moment together today that will change the way the two interact going forward.

Best speed joke yet

The best super-speed joke to date (in my opinion, anyway) happens in the first couple of minutes of the episode. Unfortunately, the moment doesn't last long.