Fox News Reports Frozen Makes Men Look Like Villains And Fools

Apparently, FOX News thinks that Disney’s Frozen is starting a larger cultural shift, wherein [...]


Apparently, FOX News thinks that Disney's Frozen is starting a larger cultural shift, wherein all men look like villains and fools.

That's the topic of a recent Fox & Friends segment that's beginning to go viral, in which the show's hosts discuss the "Frozen Effect." "The Frozen Effect," according to the show, is the process of "empowering women by turning men into fools and villains." Fox & Friends then tries to prove its point by highlighting a clip from the film where Kristoff talks about picking his nose, and the film's main villain, Hanz, talks about killing Princess Elsa.

The show even interviews Penny Nance, the president and CEO of Concerned Women for America, for her take on the Frozen Effect.

You can check out the entire segment below.

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The world of Frozen heads back to theaters with the new Frozen short, "Frozen Fever," which will debut before Cinderella on March 13.