Game of Thrones Now Has Its Own Pokemon

(Photo: Kaleb Raleigh)

The world of Game of Thrones is a bit harsher than the Pokemon world, where trainers black out when they lose battles but can quickly revive their Pokemon without using black magic. But now, a fan artist has created a fantastic set of new Pokemon, perfect for the harsh and unforgiving world of Westeros.

Kaleb Raleigh, an American fan artist, recently created a set of thirteen Pokemon evolutionary designs, all of which are based off of various Westeros houses. Most of the Pokemon are based off the sigils of various Houses. So, the Starks have Direwolf Pokemon named Hundire and Stalwarg, while the Lannisters' Pokemon are a set of lions with names like Lannistone and Lannistaur. Many of Westeros's biggest Houses have their own Pokemon, even lesser houses like the Arryns or the Freys. Even the Night's Watch are represented via a pair of Dark Crow Pokemon.

After posting his Pokemon designs on Reddit, Raleigh stated that he follows three principles for designing the characters: make them desirable, have them make sense, and make them usable. That's why he included Types and Abilities for all of his Pokemon designs. Raleigh has also designed Pokemon based on Mass Effect and Halo, all of which can be found on his DeviantArt page.


Check out the all the designs in the photo gallery and let us know which ones are your favorite!