Ghostbusters Reboot Director Promises To Try Not To Ruin People's Childhoods


Breathe a sigh of relief, Ghostbusters fans. Paul Feig is not out to destroy your precious childhood memories.

Feig, the director of the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot, sent a New Years message to his Twitter followers earlier this week, promising that he wouldn't fail in his attempt at creating a good Ghostbusters movie.

"Happy New Year to everybody, even the Ghostbusters reboot haters. I love you all," Feig wrote on his profile. "I promise I will try not to ruin your childhoods. #iswear"

Feig became the center of controversy in late 2014 when it was announced that he would direct a reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise. Feig, who directed the female-led comedy Bridesmaids, only furthered fans' surprise when he revealed that his Ghostbusters would have an all-female cast.

There haven't been too many updates since the film's announcement, other than a few bits from Feig. He recently confirmed that his version will be scarier than the original, will be rated PG-13, and is currently in the scripting process.


So for now, everyone's sense of Ghostbusters nostalgia should remain safe.