Ghostbusters Reboot To Be Scripted By The Heat Writer

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that The Heat writer Kate Dippold will co-write the script for the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot.

Dippold will reteam with The Heat and Ghostbusters reboot director Paul Feig in sharing writing duties.

After years spent trying to create a new installment with the cast of the original two Ghostbusters films, Paul Feig came on board following the departure of director Ivan Retiman, who left after the death of Harold Ramis.

It was Feig that came up with the idea to reboot the franchise with a new, all-female team of Ghostbusters who were unconnected to the previous films.

Female casts have proven to be something of a signature for Feig, as seen with his previous work on The Heat and Bridesmaids.


Dippold will add a female voice to the film’s script. She recently finished writing the script for the sequel to The Heat, and did some work on Parks and Recreation.

UPDATE Feig had this to say on Twitter after the new broke: