Google & Mattel Update The View-Master


View-Master is finally entering the 21st century, featuring its first major tech upgrade since its 1939 debut.

You remember View-Master, right? It's that goggle-looking device that let you view cardboard slide reels of every comic book cartoon from the nineties in glorious 3D. But now that it's 2015 and all, the Viewmaster is finally embracing modern technology in a team-up between Mattel and Google.

With the new View-Master, kids and adults alike will now slide their smart phones into the goggles in lieu of the cardboard slide reels. With a special View-Master app for Android and iOS, and View-Master "Experience Reels," users can view and interact with fully three-dimensional worlds. Bonus content will appear in the Heads Up display, which when selected, will reveal more information and anecdotes about the virtual reality.

As for the new View-Master Experience Reels, users will now have to hold them in front of their View-Master instead of inserting them directly into the goggles. We guess that means you'll look a little funny when using them in a coffee shop, but it's small trade-off when you can view the world like Iron Man.

Hitting stores this October, the new View-Master will run for $30 while the Experience Reels will cost $15 for a four-pack. Now all we need is a high-tech upgrade for the Red Rider wagon, and we'll be in heaven.


(Via Engadget.)