How To Save Your Battery Playing Pokemon GO

By now, you've probably noticed the negative effects Pokemon GO has on your phone. The augmented [...]


By now, you've probably noticed the negative effects Pokemon GO has on your phone. The augmented reality app is a major drain on phone batteries, which can severely limit the amount of time you have on playing the popular mobile game. However, there are a few easy ways you can significantly increase your phone's life while playing Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO has a "battery saver" mode that will switch the game's screen to a energy saving screen whenever it's turned upside down. This lets you put your phone in your pocket or hold the phone at your side without wasting your phone's battery. The phone will vibrate whenever you're close to a Pokemon, PokeStop, or gym, so you don't need to worry about checking your phone every couple of minutes.

Another easy way to save power while playing Pokemon GO is to turn off the game's AR function while capturing Pokemon and battling in gyms. The AR function uses your phone's camera to simulate catching Pokemon in the real world. While the AR function creates some great and hilarious photo opportunities, it's also a major battery drain. Turning off Pokemon GO's AR will replace the "real world" background with a generic landscape, but it will significantly increase your phone's battery life.

Finally, you can also change your phone's settings to help lengthen your battery life. Most phones have an energy saver mode that cuts down on background app activity and other battery eating features. You can also decrease your phone's brightness settings, which can also lengthen battery life. Of course, decreasing your phone's brightness will also mean it's harder to see your phone outside, especially when playing in the sun.

If none of these tips work, you can always buy an extra battery pack or external charger to help lengthen your phone's battery life.

Niantic Labs, the developer of Pokemon GO, is aware of the battery issue and has said they're working on finding a solution.