Hugh Jackman Tweets Ryan Reynolds Video from Deadpool Set

(Photo: Fox)

Hugh Jackman tweeted out a video Monday morning that sure seems to be from the Deadpool set - likely from reshoots or some additional shooting, since principal photography is all wrapped up. It seems that way, anyway, because Ryan Reynolds is in his full Wade Wilson messed-up-face makeup in the video.

Oh, he's also doing his best impression of Jackman, who is Australian, though his accent needs a little work and comes out more Kiwi than Aussie.

The actors worked together, of course, on the movie that Deadpool is trying to make us all forget (and, if rumors are true, will directly make fun of in the film), X-Men: Origins - Wolverine. Does this mean Wolverine has a cameo for Deadpool? Maybe that "phenomenal" post-credits scene the writers teased? Or it could just be a gag, and maybe it's just something Reynolds sent to his pal, who then shared it.


We'll see in just about three months when Deadpool hits theaters.