Image's Tooth & Claw Sells Out, Becoming Available Only At Select Stores

Image Comics’ newest series, “Tooth & Claw,” has sold out at the distributor level and only [...]

Image Comics' newest series, "Tooth & Claw," has sold out at the distributor level and only remains at select comic shops across the country.

"Tooth & Claw #1," from writer Kurt Busiek and artist Ben Dewey, was only released yesterday. With 48 pages of story content, zero advertisements, and a $2.99 price tag, it's easy to see why so many readers flocked to the fantasy title. The comic has received a strong critical reception as well, scoring an 8.5 on the comics reviewer aggregator, Comic Book Roundup (think Rotten Tomatoes for comics). In fact, even called the debut issue "another saga filled with potential from a creative team that has proven they can deliver on high concepts and drama both."

While print copies are scarce, readers can still purchase the title digitally on Image Comics' digital storefront and comiXology. According to a release from Image, only a number of retailers still have copies of "Tooth & Claw #1" available. Readers can access that list here. Image remained mum on the possibility of a second printing, neither confirming or denying any plans to return to press.

"Tooth & Claw" is a fantasy series filled with wizards and witches who must save the world from a mystical threat. Described by Image as "Conan meets Kamandi with Game of Thrones-style storytelling," the new series opens an epic and expansive world for readers to dive into.

"Tooth & Claw #2" will hit comic shops and digital distributors on December 3rd.