Injustice Year Three To Include John Constantine

Folllowing the conclusion of DC Entertainment's Injustice Year Two digital-first event series in [...]

Folllowing the conclusion of DC Entertainment's Injustice Year Two digital-first event series in September, a Year Three will kick off September 30 and star, among others, John Constantine.

With a TV series coming from NBC in the fall, Constantine is one of the DC Entertainment characters that is on everybody's radar this year.

IGN reports that writer Tom Taylor and veteran Injustice artists like Bruno Redondo, Mike S. Miller, and Tom Derenick will continue this ongoing storyline "as Constantine enters the picture and complicates the rivalry between Batman and Superman as only he can."

The comic, of course, was originally conceived as a prequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us, the popular DC Comics fighting game. How long they can continue to tell the story before the "prequel" premise starts to fray around the edges is anybody's guess.

Taylor described Year Three as "Superman versus Constantine. Do you need anything else? Because that was pretty much my entire pitch and it was enough to get my editor, Jim Chadwick, pretty excited."

"If you need more, then Batman TEAMED with John Constantine plus a bunch of other magic users, supernatural characters and demons, fighting Superman's regime, for the fate of the world," Taylor added. "How can you not want to see that?"

Taylor acknowledges that magic-versus-superheroes is something that's been done badly a number of times in the past, but hopes they've cracked the code to make this story really work.

"I've been fortunate enough to write most of my absolute favourite characters in the DC Universe but to be able to focus on the magical side and to be able to bring in John Constantine is a huge moment," he said. "Hellblazer is one of my favourite horror comics of all time, and Constantine is an incredible character to get to play with. As soon as I thought of pitting the occult hero against Superman's regime, I had to see it. I think the entire pitch was 'Constantine versus Superman' and Jim was immediately on board. All of the other magical characters that come with it are going to make this one hell of a story too, and Batman having to team up with the cynical Mage should be a heap of fun."