Internet Decisively Chooses Rowlet as Their Favorite Pokemon Sun/Moon Starter

(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

Earlier this week, the Pokemon Company revealed the three starters for Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. Trainers will get to pick between the coolheaded fire cat Litten, the clownish water sea lion Popplio and the bow tie wearing grass owl Rowlet as their partner Pokemon at the start of this fall's new game. A day after the new Pokemon were announced, the official Pokemon Twitter account ran a super-official poll, asking which of the three starters had "the most potential".

Over 50,000 fans voted in the poll, which essentially was a two Pokemon race. With 41% of the total vote, Rowlet narrowly defeated Litten as the presumptive Internet favorite. Litten tallied only 38% of the vote, while Popplio trailed behind with a mere 21%.

As the poll suggests, both Rowlet and Litten have attracted huge online fan followings over the last two days, although the deluge of fan art and the aforementioned poll suggests that Rowlet is the favorite of the Internet. Fans love Rowlet's bow tie and ability to turn its head in battle, leading to plenty of fan art and at least one amazing gif.

Meanwhile, no one seems to like Popplio. With the ability to create "water balloons" out of its own snot and its clownish look, Popplio just hasn't attracted the same fanbase as the dapper Rowlet or the coolheaded Litten. In fact, the sea lion has been subjected to so much derision over the last 48 hours, Popplio's few fans have even formed a "Popplio Defense Squad" dedicated to sending out positive vibes for the disparaged Pokemon.


So, are you #TeamRowlet, #TeamLitten or #TeamSnotBubbleClownSeaDog? Let us know in the comments below!