Into The Badlands Episode 5: Snake Creeps Down Recap With Spoilers

Sunny and M.K. train atop the Fort’s wall. Sunny pushes M.K. hard. M.K. says he’s too tired, [...]

Into the Badlands Episode 5 - Snake Creeps Down
(Photo: James Minchin III/AMC)

Sunny and M.K. train atop the Fort's wall. Sunny pushes M.K. hard. M.K. says he's too tired, but Sunny says he's just afraid. Sunny dangles M.K. over the wall. M.K. warns Sunny, and Sunny asks if M.K. is going to kill him like he did the people on that ship. Sunny asks if M.K. knows how to get to Azra. M.K. says between the book and the compass, they can find the way. Sunny asks about M.K.'s power. M.K. says he can control it now, like he did at the parlay. Sunny asks how he knows M.K. didn't just get lucky. M.K. turns, his eyes black, and says, "You don't," then throws M.K. off the wall.

Sunny wakes in bed with Veil. He sits up and opens M.K.'s book. He finds the pages with a section cut of them. He places the compass in it. It fits perfectly, and the needle spins, stopping at a new direction. Veil wakes and Sunny tells her that he thinks he's found a way out.

Sunny walks into the pit and M.K. tells him he's been practicing since sun-up. Sunny tells M.K. that he could have killed Tilda, but he didn't. M.K. doesn't remember what happened.

The Widow speaks to the Cogs she took from the Fort, offering them a brighter, real future of their own control. She tells them if they don't want to fight, they can leave now. Otherwise, they are free in the Sanctuary, but must show her loyalty. She sends a boy named Jolyon inside with Tilda to join the rest of the boys.

Lydia tells Quinn that the Widow was able to take advantage the fact that his forces are spread too thin over two territories. Jade suggests that treating the Cogs with more respect would gain more loyalty. Quinn worries that he'd be educating them for a revolution, but Jade says the Widow has already started a revolution. Jade asks for some Clippers to train to take care of the poppy fields until the new Cogs arrive. Quinn agrees.

M.K. waits for Sunny. He tells Ryder that Sunny is taking a force to track the Widow. Ryder points out that the Widow was looking for M.K. M.K. asks for his pendant back, but Ryder says he already traded it. M.K. says his father gave it to him, but he doesn't recognize the design. Sunny calls for M.K. to head out. After they leave, Ryder pulls the pendant out of his coat pocket.

Quinn informs his Clippers that they will harvest the poppy crop before it spoils. His speech is interrupted by a headache. Lydia takes him inside, and he tells Jade to lead them. Lydia calls for Veil.

Petri and Bale lead the way through the wilderness, with Sunny and M.K. close behind. M.K. says that Sunny is worried about Veil, and reveals that he knows she's pregnant. M.K. notes that there must be times when Sunny thought about killing him, and Sunny says it crossed his mind. Sunny tells M.K. about the compass in the book.

The Widow cuts Jolyon's hand. She's disappointed when nothing happens. Tilda says that was the last boy. The Widow wonders if the boy was made a Colt by now. The Widow tells Tilda that she wants to train the boy with the power, but it will be difficult without the book. The Widow tells Tilda that every time the boy is cut, it drains his life force, and without training the boy will die.

Ryder goes to see Waldo. Ryder says he's learning who he can trust. He remembers how Waldo saved him as a child. He asks Waldo if he will have his support should things "change" around the Fort. Waldo says he's on the side that wins. Ryder show M.K.'s pendant to Waldo. Waldo suggest talking to the man who taught Lydia everything she knows, Ryder's grandfather, the Preacher.

Bale is eager find some Butterflies, someone to kill to prove himself to Petri. M.K. spots a butterfly knife in a tree and walks towards it. Sunny throws him back, then springs a trap hidden underneath the leaves. He kicks the tree and several nuts fall, springing many more traps. Petri yells in the distance after getting his leg caught in one of the traps.

Jade shows the Clippers how to harvest Poppy. Lydia walks out to the field and says she's there to help.

Veil begins Quinn's treatment. Quinn tells Veil to go ahead and ask the question, knowing that Sunny must have told her what happened. She asks him why he killed her parents. He says it's in his nature. Quinn points out that Veil could kill him right now and no one would know. When she doesn't, he says they're both prisoners of their nature. He then tells Veil that Sunny was there, and it was his blade that killed her parents.

Sunny resets Petri's leg and they make camp for the night. Tilda hides nearby.

Ryder rides out to meet his grandfather. His grandfather said he warned Lydia about marrying a man like Quinn after what happened to Ryder with the Nomads. Ryder shows him the pendant. Inside, his grandfather asks if Ryder knows anything about Azra. He tells Ryder it was a story that Cogs believed in. The Preacher says he teaches salvation through acceptance, not stories. The Preacher says Lydia is not his daughter anymore, but Ryder tells him she still practices his religion. Ryder leaves. The Preacher tells one of his disciples to send word that there is a dark one at the Fort who will need to be cleansed.

Tilda get M.K. away from the camp. They talk about what happened at the parlay. M.K. says he was told to concentrate on something that makes him feel safe when he's in that state, and he realizes that something is Tilda. Tilda warns him about what the Widow told her, and tells him to get as far away as possible. Sunny sneaks up behind Tilda and knocks her down, then gets her at sword point. He asks how long this has been going on. M.K. tells him Tilda was warning him, and that she's the reason he was able to control himself at the graveyard. Bale walks up, and they begin interrogating Tilda. Bale gets in Tilda's face and she bites off his ear. Sunny decides they'll take her back to the Fort.

Jade puts balm on the blisters on Lydia's hand. They discuss how Quinn has pitted them against each other, and Lydia admits that Quinn doesn't need her the way that he needs Jade.

The Widow and her Butterflies find Tilda's sash pinned to a tree by a short sword. The Widow tells Esta to send word to their friend at the Fort that they will need entry.

Quinn stirs from sleep in his chair. Lydia is on the chair next to him. Lydia says he's not dying on her, and he says he's not going anywhere. She remembers the first time they met, and says she'll be by his side when the wolves are at his door. Sunny arrives, and Lydia leaves. Sunny tells him he caught a Butterfly. Quinn wants her interrogated until she gives up the Widow's location. Quinn asks Sunny if he's serious about Veil. Sunny says he's not, and so Quinn asks Sunny not to see her anymore.

Bale and M.K. guard Tilda's cell. Bale taunts her, but M.K. tells him to shut up. Sunny enters the cell, and tells both of them to stay put outside. He straps Tilda to a chair and asks her to give him a reason not to do this. She spits in his face.

Jade brings soup to Quinn and spoon feeds it to him. She says she cooked it herself. Quinn remarks on how it pleases him that Jade and Lydia are working together, but then Jade begins choking and falls over. Quinn calls for help.

M.K. encourages Tilda to give up the Widow when the Widow appears in the dungeon and takes out Bale with a bolo. Sunny attacks the Widow, and M.K. frees Tilda. Sunny kicks the Widow through a wall. She loses her sword, but grabs two flails off the wall. M.K. finally gets Tilda free, when Bale hits him from behind. Tilda attacks Bale. Sunny and the Widow continue switching out weapons as they fight in the armory. Bale locks M.K. in the cell. Sunny cuts the Widow and she falls. M.K. watches Bale beat Tilda, then cuts his own hand. He uses pure force to throw Bale, without touching him, into a wall of weapons, killing him. Sunny allows the Widow and Tilda to escape, as he watches M.K. slowly collapse. Once M.K. is down, Sunny chases after them, but they're gone. Quinn watches M.K. from the other side of a prison door.